is a state of the art audio recording studio, right at the mouth of Deep Cove; one of Vancouver's most beautiful locations. Equipped with a large range of preamps and microphones, DCM is suited to record a variety of projects. With a large, elongated design, DCM is prepared to take on large recordings with a large live room and 3 possible isolated booths to tackle whatever task is at hand.

     Founded in 2006, Tyler Pearson set out to make a fluid and functional studio space to introduce the world of professional recording to his students and clients at Deep Cove Music School and the Deep Cove Community. Recording artists such as The Boom Booms and Bruce Greenwood, DCM Studios has had its fair share of both professional and amateur artists. DCM offers a great space, excellent gear, talented engineers, and remarkable prices for even beginner artists.

     On top of recording, DCM Studios also works in the business of graphics, web design, printing, and duplication with clients such as General Paint. We have dealt with 1000's of clients work over the years and are always looking forward to whatever walks through our doors next!




Mackie DigitalXBus



AKG C 414 B

AKG C 1000S

AKG D 112

Shure SM58

Shure SM57

Shure KSM 44

Sennheiser MD 421-II

Se Electronics SE 4

Electrovoice RE20

Samson Q7

BSS Audio AR-133 Active D.I.



API 512c

Avedis MA5




Fender Twin

Fender USA Stratocaster

Fender USA Precision Bass

Morgan Custom Dreadnought 

Yamaha Upright Piano

Pearl Full Drum Kit with extra cymbals and stands (Two kits; Studio and Live)