Producer - Engineer - Founder

Tyler Pearson

Tyler was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta where he attended the school of music at Mount Royal College and later transferred to Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC. He has played professionally since 1988. In 1997 he opened Deep Cove Music. He is also a songwriter and producer. In 2006, Tyler opened DCM Studios, a multimedia facility located below Deep Cove Music that does production in Audio, Video, Web & Graphics.

Mike Allen has years of experience recording both his own projects as well as collaborative efforts, soundtracks, and commercial works. Mike has produced soundtracks for award winning independent films such as A Gift For Amelia (2015) and Help Wanted (2016) as well as creating music for commercials for BC Hydro, The City of Nanaimo, and many others. As well as soundtrack work, Mike has recorded many of his own projects as well as working with members of Vancouver's creative music scene to record many albums, most recently with Big EviL's 2016 release Applebine. Always open to experimenting and trying new things in the studio, Mike strives to create something new and exciting with each recording.

Coming from a background of electronics, technology, and music; Branden was determined to pursue a career in Audio Technology. After being enrolled in Douglas College's Music Technology Certificate program, Branden was hired as an administrator and instructor at Deep Cove Music. Now having a load of experience in recording projects such as rock bands, solo artists, and vocal groups; and with new techniques under his belt, he is eager to help record and engineer anyone's project!

branden LOUIS

Assistant Engineer

Mike allen

Assistant Producer/Engineer